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The Trees

To acknowledge the support of all individuals and Mountaineering Clubs involved in The Munro Table, the artist is funding the planting of 282 high altitude indigenous trees to restore the unique and important wildlife-rich habitat called montane scrub. Lying more than 500 metres above sea level, this was once common between woodlands and open hilltops, but it has now almost disappeared from Scotland - largely due to grazing pressure from sheep and high deer numbers over the centuries.

The planting involves collecting seed from trees such as dwarf birch and downy willow on precipitous mountain ledges and rocky crags, sometimes with the help of qualified climbers.

The artist's aim, is that in the second centenary celebrating the Munros, where archivists and researchers are looking back at the 2019 The Munro Table project publication, the mountain ecology they will have inherited will be rich in flora and fauna. Those future hill walkers and mountaineers will have the opportunity to walk amongst and gaze over the beautifully restored Caledonian forest.

The organisation responsible for this exciting vision is Trees for Life. Their core purpose is to bring back to life the globally unique Caledonian Forest and all its wildlife to the Scottish Highlands. Further information here: https://treesforlife.org.uk/news/article/high-altitude-forest-to-save-rare-trees-and-help-mountain-wildlife/