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Regarding Covid-19 and the Munro Table project

Like everyone, we are now beginning to returning to our office spaces and hopefully some normality? The Munro Table project will be now be accepting reports until mid-summer 2021 to enable all affected by the Covid lockdown, the time to return to the project and complete their walk and report. This will of course put the project back quite a few months, but will enable us and all involved the opportunity to continue. If you are not able to walk your chosen hill within this period, please contact the project via the Contact page to enable us to offer this to another participant. Thank you for your continuing support . Wishing you all good health and walking.
Eddie Summerton

The Munro Table

A large-scale environmental community project celebrating the centenary of the death of the mountaineer Hugh Munro. His name is remembered forever in the list of mountains in Scotland over 3000 feet, known as Munro's Table.

The project will be launched on 19th March 2019, 100 years after his death and run for a period of one year.


The Munro Table is inviting up to 282 hill walkers, runners and climbers who are planning on being out on the hills, to each select from the 282 Munros and walk to the summit any time over the following year. Their account and photograph from the hills will be included within The Munro Table publication and dedicated website. Each contributor to the project will have a page with information relating to their choice of hill, the events of the day (weather, wildlife, route, who they were with etc) and their photograph from the hill.

The publication will be stored within an archival portfolio and presented on a bespoke table fabricated from wood from Lindertis, Kirriemuir, Angus, the family home and burial place of Hugh Munro.

It is the project's intention to have The Munro Table displayed in a variety of locations (galleries, educational, film festivals, parliament etc) once the 282 hills have been selected and related information is gathered. Each location bringing a different community to the project, offering information, readings, song etc - associated with the Munros and mountain habitat, their mythology, nature and eco-geology.

The Munro Table will be gifted to a public collection in Scotland for future access and research. This will be a unique record of this centenary year in the mountains, contributed by the community of 282 walkers, climbers and runners who have each reached the top of a Munro. The project will record where they are from, why each selected the specific mountain, wildlife spotted, the weather and their reason for mountain walking (e.g. for fitness, solitude, connection with nature, spirituality etc.) and of course, which hat they were wearing!

This will enable those interested in researching family archives, hill walking communities, walking routes, wildlife, high altitude weather, hats - the possibility of getting access to this information for years to come.

The planting of 282 high altitude trees is being funded by the artist responsible for The Munro Table in gratitude for the contributions of the individuals involved. Participants registered with the project will be asked to remove a small bag of rubbish (if any) from their summit, as an acknowledgment of the legacy of Munro and the incredible access we have to our landscape in Scotland.

If interested: Please select a Munro from the "Hills" list and refer to and understand the safety required.